About the owners

Wes and Jennifer Zwirn have three children, and another due to be born at the end of summer 2018. They have resided in Athens, GA since 1997 and have become very involved in the local community. Wes earned his MS degree in Agricultural Economics from The University of Georgia while Jennifer earned her BS in Marketing from UGA.

In 2009, upon the birth of their first son, Conner, Wes and Jennifer started preparing to open a childcare center. In September of 2009 they opened Little Prodigies Child Development Center, an arts-based childcare center, in Athens. Three years later, in 2012, they worked closely with The University of Georgia and opened a new childcare center on UGA’s Health Sciences Campus, called University Childcare Center. Most recently, in 2017 Wes and Jennifer partnered with Piedmont Athens Regional to open a childcare center with extended hours to serve the hospital employees as well as the Athens community. The Piedmont Athens Regional Child Development Center officially opened in January 2018. Conner and Emmie both attended Little Prodigies as well as The University Childcare Center. Everett and the new baby will follow in their sibling’s footsteps.

Wes and Jennifer are beyond excited to be a part of The Busy Box Day Care as well as the Danielsville community.

History of The Busy Box Daycare Center

In the late 1960’s, Mrs. Joyce Jenkins began caring for children in her home.  After a couple of years, the demand for her services prompted Mrs. Jenkins to consider opening a center. The house that her husband had built for them as newlyweds was empty, and they began converting it into a day care center.

In 1970, the Busy Box became the first licensed center in Madison County.  In 1984, an addition was built which is now used as our 3B classroom.  The K4 building was completed in 1987.

In January 1995, Mrs. Jenkins retired and her daughter and son-in-law (Steve and Jan Filkins) bought the center. Jan and Steve Filkins ran the center from 1995 until their retirement in 2015.

In 2015, Wes and Jennifer Zwirn worked closely with former owners, Jan and Steve Filkins, to transition ownership of The Busy Box. After 20 years of ownership, the Filkins family looked forward to retirement and to allow themselves more time with their grandchildren. The Filkins’ have looked after and taught generations of Madison County children and the reputation of The Busy Box has flourished under their ownership. Wes and Jennifer Zwirn want to preserve the legacy and extend it to future generations of Madison County children.

Philosophy of Classroom Management

We believe that each child should be given the opportunity to grow and develop to his/her greatest ability.  To this end, we employ many methods and activities to help each child meet goals that are appropriate to his/her age.

We strive to maintain a positive, loving environment and have consistent and reasonable rules and discipline at each age level.  We seek the wisdom of God through His Word, the Bible, in the day-to-day activities here.

Our goal is that upon completion of our program the child will be intellectually, socially, spiritually, and physically ready to enter a more formal academic environment.

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